Motorcycle Rear View Mirrors

Published: 16th May 2011
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Allowing a speedster to look at the people left behind or to just have a look at the traffic behind, the automobiles are equipped with rear view mirrors or sometimes called as "side view mirrors" or simply "mirrors". The origin of the thought of installing these mirrors was not given by any automobile company. It was in fact given by Dorothy levitt in her 1906 book "The Woman and the Car" and was then introduced by manufacturers in 1914.

These mirrors are designed to caution the driver in case of any possible collision from behind and to break away in order to minimize the injury to the occupants who may be thrown against it, in case of a collision. Elmer Berger is given the credit to inventing the rear view mirror though the fact is he was the first one to incorporate these into the production street going automobiles. With technological advancement, rear view mirrors are upgraded from simple mirrors to cameras that can project the image to the driver and/or passenger. This was done in some automobiles recently due to their rear deck or truck structure that obscured the road directly behind the vehicle making a blind spot of over 3 to 5 m and increasing the chances of accidents.

Hence, these cameras are usually mounted on rear bumpers or lower parts of the cars that allows better visibility. Motorcycle mirrors are usually mounted on handle bars producing no such problems. Some secondary aftermarket rear view mirrors are available that can be attached to the rear view mirrors in the car and are independently adjustable to view back seat facilitating the parents to keep a check on the kids. Motorcycles that are street legal usually require to have rear view mirrors installed. These can be mounted anywhere but most commonly to the handle bars. Rear view mirrors can also be attached to the rider's motorcycle helmet.

Many different types of motorcycle mirrors are available in the market, few being chrome enhanced or have an integrated turn signal lights, a few strictly for racing bikes designed with utmost care not to disturb the airflow. Recent computer aided designing has brought custom tailored mirrors with dragon designs or flame structure which has created a buzz among the trendy bikers and are in high demand. A variety of choices have flooded the market and are there just to be grabbed and enhance the look of your bike.

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